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With the new movie coming out soon (Feb 2018) about the Mystery House in San Jose California and Sarah Winchester, its owner, I thought it would be an interesting time to shed some light on the myth. The new movie is Winchester and the only thing it has in common with what really happened at the house is the construction of it. The movie is a typical horror scare flick and they just intermingled some history to make it sound more legitimate. Here is the movie trailer for it:

Now for the reality check. Sarah Winchester, never lived at the house. She lived in her home in San Francisco and after 1906 earthquake, lived in her home in Atherton (which is south of San Francisco). One of her main reasons to keep the house in constant construction was to give the local craftsmen, jobs. Most people who grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area were taught this in school or found it out in local newspaper articles. The “mystery” house was just a tourist attraction.

Here is a link to an article about the historian who takes the myth out of the history.

Sunnyvale historian demystifies the eccentric past of heiress Sarah Winchester

So if you are interested in a good fake ghost story, go see the movie. If you are more interested in the actual facts read the book, link below.