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Picture an orchestra or your favorite band, now picture the humans not in the picture but robots. How about musical instruments that are created and played purely by CGI and computers? Or how about musical instruments made from water? Did I get you curious enough to watch them all in action? If I did, you are in for a treat. Sit back with those head phones on and take a look at these videos.

First up are the robotic players. Some look like humans but some you don’t even see what is making the instrument play.

Next is one of my favorite CGI videos. It is Animusic’s crazy creation, the Resonant Chamber. This group has several other videos and you will want to check them out.

Now for the video with the musical instruments made out of water. Actually it is frozen water. They carve the instruments out themselves and keep the temperatures low around them, to keep them from melting during a performance.

I hope you enjoyed watching these unusual videos about musical instruments. If you have the time, take a look around the website. There are more videos to intrigue you.