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Need something different to talk about at the family Christmas gathering this year that is not political? Try this, Christmas songs done in a different way.

First up is a video by a piano player that plays all your favorite tunes but sad instead of happy. I swear when I first heard this, I was thinking it was the sound track to Nightmare Before Christmas. Deck the Halls sounds like it would be perfect for a stalker movie.

Next up a few Christmas comedy songs. Not the well known ones but ones you have never heard of. The one below is performed by 2 guys in Kentucky and you’ll be itching to hear their song.

Now for a young Adam Sandler performing his naughty boy Christmas song on Saturday Night Live about 10+ years ago.

Lastly, a well known Christmas song, The Little Drummer Boy, done African style by Alex Boye. Enjoy and have a very Merry Christmas.