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The rock band, Dire Straits began in the late 1970’s and grew with the advent of the music video era of the 1980’s. They were very popular in MTV in the 1980’s with their songs, Money for Nothing and Walk of Life. The video and song “Money for Nothing” is a satirical look at MTV’s business model and of course was played constantly on MTV when it first came out. Here are those two videos for your enjoyment:

As a band they ended their successful run when they split up in 1988. There was a “Farewell” tour in 1986-1987 and there is a wonderful 2+ hour video of them in Sydney Australia of one of their live stage productions. Here is that video, be warned that it is 2.5 hours long.

The band did come together again in the 1990’s for about five years and decided to go their own ways again. The number one reason sighted for them breaking up was the grueling tours that they under took. This was back in the days of live shows being the main money maker for bands and the main advertising campaigning for their records.

Many of the band members went on to successful solo careers and/or joined other well known bands. Most of them are still very active in the music industry today in 2021.