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Have you ever wanted to see and hear the song “Despacito” done by different artists on different instraments and in different styles? Well, here is your chance.

I have found some really neat videos on YouTube that really show some completely different ways this song can be done.

First up is one of my favorite piano players on YouTube, Jonny May.

Next is another really interesting way for the song to be done, using cats meows. It is short and a little weird. It is the cat version. It can’t be all that bad, since it has over 39 million views.

Then there is this one, the original Despacito artist, Luis Fonsi singing on the Conan show.

Now for a different instrument, the cello, with the 2 cello guys, Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser.

Finally, this last one has to be my favorite. With almost 6 million views and a variety of instruments ( Accordion + Violin + Trumpet + Sax + Flute + iPad + Piano + Electric Violin + Marimba + Cello + Electric Guitar) and beautiful photography here is  “Una Despacito Instrumental Mix”

I hope you enjoy watching these as much as I do.