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JANNZ – pronounced “jan – zee”

What JANNZ is all about

JANNZ is a website/blog that showcases videos that I have found on YouTube and want to share them with my readers. I sometimes find out a bit more about the video creator and write about that. I love the unusual and if it is combined with music, I love it even better.

JANNZ is also a YouTube channel and you can find it below. It is a very small channel with just a few odd ball videos. I spend more time watching videos on YouTube than making them it seems. Maybe one day I’ll put some more on there.

JANNZ on YouTube

About Me

I make videos, and write. Right now I do more writing than make videos.

It all started out 20+ years ago when I wanted to submit a video of a friends horse rolling a barrel to America’s Funniest Videos. Needless to say it didn’t even get acknowledged by AFV but it got me hooked on filming.

Next was a home produced music video starring my 2 year old daughter. That was made back before digital cameras and audio. Everything had to be fed into the VCR with cables from the turntable or the cassette tape player as well as having 2 VCRs to make edits. Then came computers and digital media. Let me tell you ……….. that is the way to go.

The next batch of videos made were video resumes. They became the rage about 5 years ago and the local college actually encouraged me to make them.

Then I took my next big step, content producer for YouTube. Then came the blog. Both got sadly neglected until late 2017, when I took an interest in both of them again.

Now I am experimenting with my GoPro Hero5. Next I want a big drone so I can take aerial shots. I have plans, lots of plans. 

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