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There is a very well known YouTuber that has 3 very different YouTube channels. His name is Dr. Matt Carriker

He is a veterinarian and does rescue work for dogs and cats in his home state of Texas.

He has a YouTube channel that has videos that document the animals that are brought to him in desperate need of medical care. That channel is Vet Ranch.

Below is one of his latest videos. Warning, they are graphic.

His other channel that is actually more famous is Demolition Ranch, where he blows up stuff. I was a fan of Vet Ranch before I found out about Demolition Ranch. Below is his most popular video with almost 15 million views, yep 15 million in just about 2 years.

His third channel is called Off the Ranch, where he chronicles his home life and family adventures. One of my favorites when when he went to the part of Texas that was hit badly with the hurricane and helped out with a friend and some jet skies. Here is that video: